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Cindy Lyons

Workplace Bullying occurs in many ways, having many faces, and occurring in many different places and situations.  Workplace Bullying is a terrible insidious repeated action that happens and it affects everyone involved.

Report Bullying has been an international leader in developing bullying, violence and harassment programs to companies, schools and communities in Canada and USA.

Bullying, violence and harassment cannot be solved by focusing just on the bully or victims behaviours that occur in the workplace that is why our presentations cover a proactive understanding of the behaviour that occurs in our communities, workplace and schools.

You can't expect to reduce bullying until we make a paradigm shift. Our interactive and education keynote is a 90 minute presentation that focuses not only on workplace bullying but also gives insights to motivation so we can get on the same page where respect and an honest effort is brought to the workplace.

Our workplace keynotes has easy to apply information that your employees can use right away to improve the culture of your work or office environment

By educating bystanders we then can make a change in behaviour that occurs in the workplace because everyone is a bystander. If the workplace puts their efforts on the bully or victim you automatically become reactive and you will find that you're mopping up the same problems over and over again.

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