jim jordan

Author - "Plug the Tub" "It's Time for a Paradigm Shift"

Anti Bullying Expert Certified by the Dept of Health and Human Services & Mental Health Academy

Create a motivating workplace environment


What motivates employees? What discourages them? How can we avoid “de-motivating” our teammates so we can create a consistent safe workplace environment? Staff members that are demoralized care only about themselves and there's absolutely no team concept in their thinking or actions. The aim of this keynote presentation is to show employers and supervisors how to avoid using the wrong words or actions which unplug an employee and how to recognize when someone becomes a safety hazard so you can plug the tub and get them back to thinking safety, looking safety and look out for one another.

Corporate Motivational Speaker

Jim Jordan is an entertaining motivational speaker who deals head-on with the topic of workplace behavior that effects workplace safety. Jim's humorous style and audience connection allow him to effectively convey the message that motivation is a team responsibility. Jim has presented at conferences and conventions for corporations throughout North America.

Testimonial “Plug the tub is a treasure trove of practical wisdom for business owners, leaders, managers - indeed anyone whose job is to ensure that employees remain motivated and productive. The informal, unaffected presentational style belies a solid understanding of the psychological underpinnings of both motivation and de-motivation in the workplace. Drawing on Fred’s own consulting experience for relevant examples, they identify a number of key sources of de-motivation, and in a refreshingly positive fashion offer constructive, realistic and proactive strategies for addressing them. In an era where short- and long-term disability claims as a result of workplace stress and depression are at an all-time high, and where the costs of failing to retain a productive, motivated workforce are soaring, Plug the tub is much-needed preventative medicine for any organization”. Stephen R. Swallow, Ph. D., Registered Psychologist Director, Oakville Centre for Cognitive Therapy