Plug the Tub Jim has spoken in front of thousands of people on his book “Plug the Tub” Plug the tub is a refreshing new way to look at the behaviors we use that may either motivate or demoralize. The key is that you cannot motivate if someone is demoralized. There are many ahha moments in this keynote presentation. Great for leadership groups, educators or anyone in authority.

P L U G T H E T U B – C r eating a Motivating Workplace Environment Based on my book ‘Plug the Tub’ Jim Jordan- Author, Anti Bullying Expert

K e y n o t e : 1 h r Topics: – Secret to Motivation- you can’t motivate if your demoralizing –

Getting everyone on the same page- people believe that what they do is why they are here

-Aggressive vs Assertive

• The Bully – what is bullying? Are you aggressive or assertive?

• The Victim – Being objective

• The Role of the bystander- complacent=complicit -Recognition- value recognition

• Harrassment- Intimidation

• Reporting- Documentation From Workplace bullying to School Bullying Everyone has a role in reducing bullying: from workers to management

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