jim jordan

Author - "Plug the Tub" "It's Time for a Paradigm Shift"

Anti Bullying Expert Certified by the Dept of Health and Human Services & Mental Health Academy

Workplace Convention Speaker

Workplace Speaker - Conventions

t's simple, employees that are demoralized only think about themselves. People who are unplugged have the potential of becoming a serious safety hazard for themselves and others on their team.

The workplace is all about relationships and the communication we have with each other. When we understand the secret to motivation, it becomes much easier to create a motivated workplace where people come to work because they love what they do.

After this motivating keynote your supervisors, managers and employees will clearly understand what demoralizes and what motivates. They will also leave with a focus on "plugging the tub" to get everyone on the same page thinking and looking out for one another.

Corporate Motivational Speaker
Corporate Motivational Speaker

I think you are one of those rare people who not only educate but inspire. Thanks for being part of our workplace convention and we look forward to continued connections Diane

Short List of Corporate Clients

Atophina Corporation
Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
Mich Bio Corporation
Arkema Canada Corporation
Admin Assistants Conference
Hood Packaging Corporate
Burlington Library
Halton District School Board
William Mine -Thunder bay
YK1 District school Board
York Region Child and Safety
Dryden School Board
Better Bitters Corporation
Ontario guidance teachers
Link Conference -
Exhibition Place Safety Managers
William Bell Mine
Kingston Teacher Conference
Parenting Night in Thunder Bay
Kids First Conference Burlington
David Bell Mine-Thunder Bay
Diagio - Windsor